Our purpose is to make students happy during their student years so that they get the most value out of it.

At Studentfy we wake up every day trying to come up with ways in which we can help students make the most out of their student years. Why? Because we love it. It makes us happy to make students happy.

Student years have the potential to be some of the best of our lives. They were for us. New friendships, professional contacts, experiences, opportunities to travel and much more. Therefore we are trying to find ways in which we can help you have the same experience we had. Our two main objectives: help you save money and facilitate meeting new people.

To save money we will partner with brands that offer services or products that are relevant to students. We use our bargaining power to convince these brands to give a discount. Like this, the student gets a discount, the company gets a client, and we charge the company for the advertising.

To help you network we have built an event section inside of our app in which you will be able to take part at events and trips, organize your own events, communicate with others online and more.

This is just the beginning. We’re far from done. But if you read all the way until here, thank you for trusting us and giving us a chance to keep improving. If you have any feedback, write us to hola@studentfy.com, let us know what you like but more importantly what we can do better.

The Studentfy Team

Meet our team

Arturo J. Gil

Co-Founder & CEO

Bruno Ferenci

Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Jesús Gil

Co-Founder & CTO

Ashkan Ahmadi

Junior Developer & Designer

Ailen Reinhardt

Junior Marketing Assistant

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Studentfy is the largest student association in Barcelona. We offer the best deals, products and services to the international student community in Barcelona.

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