Top 10 Bars in Barcelona with Studenty Discount

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For your convenience, we’ve compiled an alphabetical list BEST bars in Barcelona. And if you hold a Studentfy card, you’re in for some exciting discounts!

Barcelona Bars

The vibrant city of Barcelona is home to a vast range of bars, each with their unique charm and offerings. Whether you’re searching for the perfect craft beer, a lively atmosphere, or just a cozy corner to enjoy a glass of wine, Barcelona has you covered.

Belushi’s Sports Bar

An exciting hub for sports fans, Belushi’s offers live sports screenings, a buzzing atmosphere, and an enticing food and drink menu. Studentfy cardholders get big discounts at Belushi’s Sports Bar by showing the free Studentfy card on the app, enhancing the overall lively and enjoyable experience, ideal for sports enthusiasts.

Here’s the full list of discounts at Belushi’s Sports Bar just by showing the free Studentfy card on the Studentfy app:

  • 25% discount on food
  • 4 Jaggerbombs for 12€
  • 2 mixed drinks for 7€
  • 5 San Miguel’s for 10€
  • Pint of San Miguel’s for 3.5€
  • Bottle of house wine for 10€

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CityHall | Colors Club | Jamboree | Ocean Club | Arena Experience

Iluzione Diagonal

Located in the beautiful lobby of Hotel Hesperia President, Iluzione Diagonal mixes a restaurant, lounge, bar, and speakeasy. Enjoy one of their 54 specially crafted cocktails with a 10% discount on food and drinks PLUS a free shot for every longdrink you buy, offering a unique and memorable night out in a stylish setting.

Nearby clubs for the afterparty:
Sutton | Negro Rojo | La Biblio | Fira Casanova | Fira Villarroel | Costa Breve


Indecente in Eixample offers creative cocktails with a twist, making it a standout cocktail bar. Show your Studentfy Card to receive a 15% discount on everything, ensuring you can enjoy innovative drinks in a stylish setting without breaking the bank, perfect for an unforgettable night out with friends.

Nearby clubs for the afterparty:
Negro Rojo | La Fira Casanova | La Fira Villarroel

CocoVail Beer Hall

For craft beer lovers, CocoVail Beer Hall is the place to be. Known for outstanding chicken wings and a warm, friendly environment, it’s a favorite hangout spot. Studentfy cardholders get a 15% discount on food and drinks, making your visit even more enjoyable and value-packed, perfect for gathering with friends.

Nearby clubs for the afterparty:
CityHall | Ocean Club | Arena Experience

La Ofi

A contemporary bar with an eclectic mix of cocktails, La Ofi provides an immersive experience with its artful interior. Enjoy a 10% discount with the Studentfy card, making it a great spot to relax and indulge in creative drinks while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere and unique, stylish ambiance, offering a memorable experience.

Nearby clubs for the afterparty:
Sutton | Otto Zutz | La Biblio | Costa Breve

Michael Collins Irish Pub

A traditional Irish pub in the heart of Barcelona, Michael Collins serves authentic Irish drinks and food. With a 15% discount on food and drinks for Studentfy cardholders, it’s a perfect place to enjoy a relaxed evening, embracing the warm Irish hospitality, vibrant atmosphere, and lively community spirit, making every visit memorable.

Nearby clubs for the afterparty:

Old Irish Pub

This bar brings a slice of Ireland to Barcelona, complete with a warm atmosphere and extensive drinks menu. Studentfy cardholders enjoy 5€ long drinks and 3.5€ Heineken pints, making it the perfect pre-drink spot before heading to Colors or Jamboree for an exciting and memorable night out in the city.

Nearby clubs for the afterparty:
Jamboree | Colors Club

Taberna del Espit

Famous for its vibrant ambiance, Taberna del Espit offers a range of beers, long drinks, and more. Studentfy cardholders receive special discounts on most drinks (click below to find out exactly what), making it an ideal place to enjoy a lively evening with friends while experiencing a variety of drinks, energetic vibes, and a unique, spirited atmosphere perfect for socializing.

Nearby clubs for the afterparty:
Ocean Club | La Fira Villarroel | La Fira Casanova

The Room

Combining an intimate setting with a diverse drink selection, The Room is ideal for a chill night out. Studentfy cardholders get a free shot and a 15% discount, making it perfect for pre-drinking before going to one of the nearby beach clubs in Barcelona, enhancing the night’s fun and enjoyment.

Nearby clubs for the afterparty:
Pacha | Opium | Shoko


This bar boasts a welcoming ambiance and a remarkable selection of cocktails. Enjoy a laid-back evening here, indulging in your favorite drink. Studentfy cardholders get a 10% discount, making it an ideal spot for those looking to unwind in a cozy and inviting environment, perfect for a relaxing and enjoyable evening.

Nearby clubs for the afterparty:
Ocean Club | La Fira Villarroel | La Fira Casanova

Want to find out more about our discounts? You can check out all our discounts on our Discounts page.


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