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Barcelona is a city of rhythm, offering a variety of clubs to suit every music lover. Whether you’re a fan of reggaeton, R&B, or house music, there’s a club for you in Barcelona. Here’s a list of top 13 clubs ranked by Studentfy, including the type of music they play, the discounts offered, and the best nearby spots for pre-drinking.


Nestled in the uptown district, Sutton spins a mix of commercial music, pop, and top hits. The club offers free entrance until 1:30 am on Wednesday and Thursday, and until 1 am on Friday and Saturday. To enjoy this you need to sign up to Studentfy’s Guest List. 

If you are Studentfy Premium you have an additional hour to enter for free every day. Upgrade to Premium in the Studentfy App.

Skip the Line: there’s a Studentfy Rep always in front of Sutton. Message her any night and she will help you skip the line. (+34 601 56 32 19). Available from September 2024.

Begin your night at La Ofi, or Gaia nearby spots offering a 10% discount with the Studentfy Card.

Sutton, one of the Top 13 Best Clubs in Barcelona (+ Guest List)

Negro & Rojo (Saturdays)​

Negro y Rojo is an upscale and fine dining restaurant with delicious and high-quality food and is a one of today’s favorite places to start the night. At 00:00 lights are dimmed and the restaurant turns into a party with the best local electronic-music DJs.

Studentfy manages Saturday nights. For this reason you can enter for free until 00:30 if you sign up to the Guest List via the Studentfy App.

Furthermore, if you have the Studentfy Premium Card you can enter for free until 01:00, and get a free shot with every longdrink you buy. Upgrade to Premium in the Studentfy App.

Read more about Negro y Rojo here.

La Fira Casanova

Located in Eixample, La Fira Casanova, known for latin music, offers free entry until 2 am on Thursdays, 1:30 am on Fridays, and a 3€ discount on Saturdays. For pre-party drinks, visit Indecente, offering a 10% discount with the Studentfy Card.


On the shores of the Mediterranean, Opium plays R&B, commercial electronic, and house music. Studentfy users receive a free entry on Sunday to Thursday, and a discount the rest of the days (Changes in July and August. Discount instead of free). Kick off your night with predrinks at The Mood, a nearby spot offering a 10% discount with the Studentfy Card.


Also located by the sea, Pacha reverberates with R&B, commercial electronic, and house music. With Studentfy’s Guest List you can enter for free from Sunday to Thursday, and have a discount Friday and Saturday (Changes during July and August. Discount every day). Start your evening with predrinks at The Room, offering a 15% discount with the Studentfy Card.

Costa Breve

Located in the upper area of Barcelona, Costa Breve is firmly established as a top nightclub in Barcelona due to its venue, music, and atmosphere! Here, you can enjoy all the current hits along with the best nostalgic tunes of all time! With Studentfy’s Guest List get free entry every wednesday, friday and saturday until 1:30 am and thursday get 2€ of discount on the ticket and drinks are just 3€ throughout the entire night!

Apolo Mondays (Honey Bunny, the old Nasty Mondays)​

A hub for indie and alternative music lovers, Apolo offers free entry until 2 am with the Studentfy Premium Card. You can do predrinks at Abirradero, a nearby brewery with delicious tapas, and 10% discount with the Studentfy Card.

Don’t know how to become premium? Simply download our App. Click on Discounts -> Show Card -> Upgrade to Premium. As little as 1,64€ per month.

La Fira Villarroel​

Known for its Latin beats, La Fira Villarroel offers free entry until 2 am. Predrinks at Indecente, a nearby spot, is perfect for pre-drinking and offers a 10% discount with the Studentfy Card.

Otto Zutz​

Located in Gracia, Otto Zutz is known for hip-hop, reggaeton, and commercial music. Enjoy free entrance until 1:00am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday.


Beachfront located Shoko, known for its mix of commercial and house music, offers free entry every monday until 1:00 and tuesday, wednesday, thursday and sunday till 1:30. Start your evening with predrinks at The Room, offering a 15% discount with the Studentfy Card.


Situated in the Gothic Quarter, Jamboree plays hip-hop, R&B, and Latin music. Enjoy free entry until 2:30 am from Sunday to Wednesday, until 2 am on Thursday, and 3€ off on Friday and Saturday with the Studentfy Premium card. Nearby, you can do predrinks at Old Irish Pub or Wild Rover. Both offer great deals on beers and long drinks for your pre-clubbing gathering.

Colors Club​

Known for a variety of music genres, Colors offers free entry until 1:30 am from wednesday to saturday. Before heading there, stop for predrinks at at Old Irish Pub or Wild Rover for a pre-clubbing evening with special deals on beers and long drinks using your Studentfy Card.

Ocean Club ​

OCEAN Club Barcelona is a nightclub in the Eixample area of Barcelona. They have to very distinct parties.

Friday: Reggaeton, commercial hits.
Saturday: Afrohouse / Melodic House

Get free entry every Friday and Saturday until 01:30 AM with the Studentfy Guest List.

Go to Clubs with us! Be part of our community! ​


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