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Come and dine in this incomparable setting. Author and classic BigQuinis with exceptional products from all corners of the world, collecting the best of each culture. At the end, enjoy our signature cocktails and a modern atmosphere until late at night, a restaurant in Barcelona that will not leave you indifferent.

10% Discount on Everything

Enjoy a 10% discount on everything only with the Studentfy Card. It works every day and night. You find the card inside of the Studentfy App.

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Contemporary Cocktails

Try the contemporary cocktails made on the spot by the professional bartenders

Best Bars in Barcelona

At Studentfy we work relentlessly to bring you the best deals, but also the best information. Here is a list we made with the bars we like the most. In those, you will have some fun, guaranteed. Obviously, all of them are different, so check in order to avoid unexpected surprises.

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10% Discount until 00:00

Punto BCN

10% on Food and Drinks

Cinderella Brunch

15% Discount on Everything

Indecente Bar

20% on drinks

T8 Tea Bar

Special Offers on Drinks

Old Irish Pub

10% on Everything

Gaia Rest and Bar

10% Discount on Everything


15% Discount on Everything

Michael Collins Irish Pub

10% Discount on Everything

Sideral Bar

15% Discount and Free Mimosa

Belliny Brunch

10% discount on food and drinks

Jardinet del Mar
a picture of Furia Barcelona

10% Discount on Everything

Furia Barcelona Beach