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The Aquarium of Barcelona in Port Vell is one of Europe's biggest marine leisure and education centers and the most important concerning Mediterranean species. You can find a huge range of species in Aquarium like angular sharks, guitarfish, stingrays, sand tiger shark, yellow devilfish, and much more.

Swim with Sharks

The Aquarium of Barcelona provides all qualified scuba divers with the opportunity to enjoy the unique experience of diving into the main tank and to be surrounded by sharks and thousands of fish

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Tropical World

A fascinating world of color opens up before you under the sea. These are the coral reefs: unique, spectacularly beauty architectural creations built by small colonial invertebrates – corals

The Oceanarium

The Aquarium of Barcelona, as Europe’s biggest aquarium, it houses species as diverse as giltheads, moray eels, ocean sunfish, rays and two types of shark

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