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Barcelona Trips is a travel agency that has been in operation for more than 10 years. They offer short daily trips at affordable prices to discover some of the best parts of Spain.

Up to 10€ Discount

Book any trip with up to a 10€ discount. Just become a Premium member on the Studentfy app and you will unlock the cheaper tickets automatically

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Trips Every Weekend

Choose between 2 to 4 trips taking place every weekend. The trips vary and depend on the season, cultural events and location

Student-friendly & Affordable

The trips are always at the most affordable prices ideal for students and travelers on budget. Organized with students in mind.

Discover Spain (And beyond!)

Travel and discover parts of Spain that you never knew existed, but also Morocco, France, Andorra and more.

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Studentfy has A LOT to offer. In any category you can think of. Make sure to check the other Online discounts (not only transportation!)

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5% Discount on Any Activity


5% Discount on Ticket

La Pedrera (Casa Mila)

5% Discount on the Ticket

Zoo of Barcelona
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6.4€ / Month for 40 GB + Unlimited Calls

Connectivity (Cheap SIM Cards)

Free shot and free entrance until 1:00 on Saturdays

Negro Rojo Club

Up to 49% Discount on the Art Passport

Articket Passport (Museums)

15% Discount on Booking Fee

Cotown Coliving

Free every Friday & Saturday until 2:00

La Fira Villarroel

50€ Cashback


50€ Cashback

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