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A premier Spanish language school where you can learn Spanish through engaging classes led by passionate and experienced native teachers. They offer a diverse range of Spanish courses and activities, including group and private lessons, DELE-preparation classes, and social after-class events to enhance your learning experience. Present in major Spanish cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, they provide immersive language education in vibrant cultural settings. The school's comprehensive programs cater to all proficiency levels, ensuring that every student can achieve their language goals. With Expanish, you can enjoy a dynamic and interactive approach to learning Spanish while exploring the rich cultural heritage of Spain’s most important cities.

10% Discount on Every Course

Learn Spanish at Expanish, one of Spain’s top and largest language schools. Enjoy immersive learning with experienced instructors and modern facilities in vibrant cities like Barcelona. Benefit from a 10% discount on all courses, making high-quality education more affordable. Join comprehensive programs for all levels, ensuring a thorough and enjoyable language learning experience.

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Practice Spanish and immerse yourself in the Spanish lifestyle with their free social activities. Participate in city tours, cooking classes, and cultural excursions that complement your studies. These activities provide real-world practice and cultural insights, helping improve your language skills while enjoying Spain’s vibrant traditions and making learning interactive and fun.

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Interactive and Engaging Lessons

Study Spanish at one of the premier and largest schools in Spain, offering top-notch education and facilities. Enjoy a 10% discount on all courses, making language learning more accessible. With programs for all levels, experienced teachers, and a supportive environment, Expanish ensures you achieve your language goals while experiencing Spain’s cultural richness.

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Living in a Spanish-speaking country is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch the language. So if you are interested in learning Spanish and you want to check other options, browse or Learn Spanish section clicking below.

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10% Discount on All Classes

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