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15% discount on the booking fee

How to Get Discount

Use the coupon code #STUDENTFY on their website


15% discount on the booking fee


We help you find the perfect accommodation tailored specifically for students and young professionals, ensuring it best suits your needs. Our platform allows you to book online easily, comfortably, and simply, guaranteeing the best experience living abroad. We provide continuous support throughout the entire mobility process and during your stay, ensuring every accommodation is verified for your peace of mind.

With us, you can confidently enjoy your new home in the main European capitals, knowing that we've taken care of all the details to make your transition as smooth as possible. Choose from a variety of options that meet your unique requirements, and experience hassle-free living with our dedicated assistance every step of the way.

15% Discount on the Booking Fee

Find your ideal accommodation and receive a 15% discount on the booking by using the coupon code #STUDENTFY (# is part of the coupon code)

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A true verification

They ensure all of our rooms are held to a very high standard. We guarantee that all photos of the properties are a true representation of the accommodations advertised on our website

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No hidden fees or terms

The contracts are clear and informative, with no hidden clauses or unfair terms. As an example, the owner is not allowed to include any hidden charges

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All You Need to Know before Moving

Check out our extensive guide covering what we believe are important points for you to know before moving to Barcelona. In there you will be able to find information about housing, health insurances, best internet providers, how to navigate the legal system, cost of living, mobility and many other interesting things.

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