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- Espresso: 1.35€
- Macchiato: 1.45€
- Latte: 1.60€
- Menú 1 Sweet (croissant or ensaimada + coffee): 2.20€
- Menú 2 Sweet (chocolate Croissant or Cake + coffee): 2.40€
- Menú 1 Salty (small Flauta + coffee/drink): 3€
- Menú 2 Salty (big Flauta + coffee/drink): 4€

How to Get Discount

Show the Studentfy Card to the waiter or cashier


Discount works only at Panet Entença near EAE / Ostelea (Carrer d'Entença, 116)


An artisan bakery operating since 1962. They offer high quality and affordable bread and pastry. Show your Studentfy Membership Card and receive special prices.

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Fresh Artisan Bread

Pick from a variety of fresh artisan breads

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