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As a student, you need a reliable sidekick to juggle exams and social activities. They offer high-quality bikes that always work, including free repairs and check-ups, ensuring you never deal with broken bikes again. For just €12.90 a month, you can enjoy this exceptional, time-limited offer. Sign up on their website for the smoothest ride of your life. Their bicycles provide maximum comfort and reliability, making your daily transportation hassle-free. With our maintenance service, you can focus on your studies and social life without worrying about your bike. Enhance your college experience with a dependable bike, the perfect companion for your academic and social adventures. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity!

Special Price of 12.90 per Month

Get your own bicycle for as little as €12.90 a month! Don’t miss out: this is a super special, highly exceptional, time-limited offer.

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Free repairs and check-ups

We help you to own your college days with a high-quality bike that always works. Free repairs & check-ups

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Friends with Benefits

Share your personal discount code with 10 friends and you both can earn up to €150. Having friends with benefits has never been so beneficial.

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Studentfy has A LOT to offer. In any category you can think of. Make sure to check the other Online discounts (not only transportation!)

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