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The Lofttown offers unparalleled added value by meticulously attending to every detail to ensure students feel completely at home. The facilities have been exclusively designed to meet the highest standards of comfort and safety, creating an optimal living environment. This residence is housed in a newly constructed building spanning 3,300 square meters, capable of accommodating 140 students.

Every aspect, from its modern amenities to its thoughtfully planned spaces, is geared towards providing an exceptional student living experience. The combination of cutting-edge design and comprehensive services makes it a standout choice for student housing.

A Great Study Environment

The Lofttown guarantees optimum environment for studying and personal development. Definitely an option that gives you the most ease of mind so you don't have to worry about anything.

Peace of Mind

With a 24/7 reception desk, CCTV surveillance, and a sophisticated fingerprint-access control system. All you need to care about is to study and enjoy your student life.

All You Need to Know before Moving

Check out our extensive guide covering what we believe are important points for you to know before moving to Barcelona. In there you will be able to find information about housing, health insurances, best internet providers, how to navigate the legal system, cost of living, mobility and many other interesting things.

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