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This restaurant in Barcelona offers a unique dining experience inspired by Captain Nemo's adventures aboard the Nautilus submarine. The space is adorned with captivating elements such as the Kraken and jellyfish, evoking the enchanting underwater world described in Jules Verne's stories. Every detail is meticulously designed to enrich your visit, immersing you in a fantastical maritime atmosphere. After savoring a delightful meal, guests can enjoy an extensive selection of signature and fantasy cocktails, each crafted to reflect the tropical voyages of the Nautilus. These creative beverages further enhance the thematic dining experience, making this restaurant a must-visit destination for both culinary enthusiasts and fans of literary adventures.

10% Discount on Everything

Thanks to our collaboration you can now enjoy a 10% discount on everything only with the Studentfy Card (If you don't know how to find it: download the Studentfy app. To go Discounts -> Show Card).

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Inspired by Jules Verne's stories

One of BN Grup's most interesting venues: the interior decor and the drinks are inspired by Jules Verne's stories and imagination. If you are looking for a place with a unique setting and decoration, look no more.

Fantasy Premium Cocktails

Try the premium cocktails inspired by Jules' tropical voyages with the Nautilus. They have more than 30 unique cocktails to offer. Some of the traditional ones with a twist, but also their own original creations.

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Mediterranean-style Cuisine

They present a Mediterranean-style culinary proposal. All these dishes are made entirely with high-quality local products making it a place to live a great gastronomic experience. And let's not forget a important fact: their prices are very fair.

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