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Xior Student Housing is a company that specializes in providing high-quality student accommodation. The Diagonal Besòs and Collblanc buildings showcase avant-garde architecture that is both sustainable and environmentally responsible. These buildings are strategically located with excellent connectivity to educational centers in Barcelona and the surrounding areas. They offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of students.

They ensure that all their properties are well-equipped and conveniently situated, fostering an ideal living environment for students. The company's commitment to sustainability and innovative design makes it a leader in the student housing market.

Living the X Factor

Share a lunch in the restaurant, a refreshment in the cafeteria, enjoy the outdoor pool, the sunsets on the terraces with panoramic views and study. This is an option for those who want the most comfort and best experience.

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Beautifully Designed

Our university residence has studios and apartments wide, bright and with a view of the sea or the campus

Swimming Pool & Rooftops

The outdoor pool and the rooftop are the perfect places to relax with your friends and roommates from the university residence

A kitchen that will make people talk!

This is a kitchen with Mediterranean food. It is tasty and cooked with local products; a breakfast that will give you energy, a varied and nutritious lunch and dinner

All You Need to Know before Moving

Check out our extensive guide covering what we believe are important points for you to know before moving to Barcelona. In there you will be able to find information about housing, health insurances, best internet providers, how to navigate the legal system, cost of living, mobility and many other interesting things.

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