Public Holidays in Spain 2020

Ashkan Ahmadi

2020 Public Holidays in Barcelona

Knowing the public holidays is important especially if you are a planner.

There are three types of holidays in Barcelona:

  • National holidays where it’s a holiday everywhere in Spain (NAT)
  • Regional holidays where it’s a holiday in a particular region or community (CAT in the case of Catalunya)
  • Local holidays where it’s a holiday only in one region or city (L for Barcelona)

Here you have all the 14 holidays in the city of Barcelona:

  • 1 January – New Years’s Day (NAT)
  • 6 January – Epiphany / Three Kings’ Day (NAT)
  • 10 April – Good Friday (NAT)
  • 13 April – Easter Monday (CAT)
  • 1 May – Labor Day (NAT)
  • 1 June – Whit Monday / Pentecost Monday (L)
  • 24 June – Midsummer’s Day / St John’s Day (CAT)
  • 15 August – Feast of the Assumption (NAT)
  • 11 September – Catalan National Day (CAT)
  • 24 September – La Mercè (L)
  • 12 October – Spanish National Holiday (NAT)
  • 01 November – All Saints’ Day (NAT)
  • 8 December – Feast of the Assumption (NAT)
  • 25 December – Christmas (NAT)
  • 26 December – Boxing Day / St Stephen’s Day (CAT)

Now that you know the holidays, you can plan accordingly.

Source: Ajuntament Barcelona

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