Negro y Rojo: A new club concept in the upper Diagonal area

From global dining delights to Barcelona's nightlife jewel

In recent years, Barcelona’s Diagonal Avenue has emerged as a key hub for shopping and dining, particularly around the L’Illa Diagonal shopping center. Among the most famed spots in this area is Negro-Rojo, a standout establishment from the Tragaluz Group. It  offers an eclectic mix of global cuisines by day and transforms into a pulsating club as the night unfolds. 

Central bar with live kitchen

At the core of Negro y Rojo is its central bar, surrounded by a live kitchen where culinary magic happens. This setup not only showcases the chefs’ craftsmanship but also adds an interactive dimension to the dining experience. It’s a feast for the senses, where every dish is prepared with passion and flair.

The transformation

As daylight fades, “Negro y Rojo” seamlessly transitions from a global dining hub to Barcelona’s nightlife epicenter. From Thursday to Saturday, the venue comes alive with the sounds of electronic, house, and hit music. This transformation is a testament to the venue’s versatility and its appeal to both food enthusiasts and night owls.

An exclusive Diagonal experience

Nestled in the chic Diagonal neighborhood, “Negro y Rojo” is at the intersection of luxury and leisure. The location is not just about geography; it’s a statement, offering a sophisticated backdrop to the restaurant’s dynamic offerings.

Special offers for Studentfy members

“Negro y Rojo” extends exclusive benefits to Studentfy members, adding an extra layer of excitement to its nighttime allure. With offers like free entry and complimentary shots, it’s a favored spot for those in the know. The distinction between standard and Premium members ensures that there are surprises in store for every visit.

How to get my free entry

With the Studentfy card you have FREE entry from 23:30 to 0:30 on Saturdays.

If you are a premium member, enjoy a free shot for every drink you buy! Also, on Saturdays you have free access until 1:00.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the “Negro y Rojo” experience. Share your stories or plans to visit in the comments below, and follow us on social media for the latest updates. Barcelona awaits, and “Negro y Rojo” is your gateway to its vibrant heart.


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