Pont del Petroli

Barcelona’s Hidden Gem: Pont del Petroli

Pont del Petroli is one of the hidden gems near Barcelona and it’s definitely worth seeing.

The original bridge was constructed in 1879 by the company Suari i Canals and it was used for almost a century to unload oil from ships, hence the name Pont del Petroli, or the Oil Bridge. The City Hall decided to dismantle the entire bridge but after many requests by photographers, divers and the citizens, it became a property of the City Hall of Badalona.

After years of restoration, it was opened to the public with improved security and lighting system. The entire length of the bridge is about 250 meters and it stands about 6 meters above the water.

Our recommendation is to go there very early in the morning to see the sunrise which looks stunning and unforgettable. Bring fruits and snacks and enjoy the view.

Pont del Petroli

Storm Gloria in 2020

In January 2020, storm Gloria wiped out the final section of the walkway, which connected it to the platform. Approximately a 15-meter stretch fell into the sea due to strong sea gusts, which later appeared on the fragmented beach.

The bridge has been closed to the public ever since. The bridge is said to be reopened in mid-2023.

The Anís del Mono statue

Right at the beginning of the jetty, you will be greeted by the bronze statue of Anís del Mono created by Ruiz inaugurated in 2012 as a dedication to the anís brand Anís del Mono. The statue is made of bronze and it is sitting right at the entrance of the jetty.

Getting to the Pont del Petroli from Barcelona

The easiest and fastest way is to take the L2 purple line metro from Barcelona.

Get off at the Pep Ventura station (one stop before the end of the line). Go outside the station using the exit Plaça Països Catalans and take a left and keep walking until you get to the beach. Remember that there will be a small overpass you will have to take to go over the train track.

Here’s how to get from the metro station Pep Venture to the jetty:

How to arrive at the Pont del Petroli

We hope that you would appreciate the beauty of this place as much as we do.



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