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From dinner to dancing with Studentfy

Organizing an event, be it a class dinner or a club night, requires meticulous planning, coordination, and a reliable platform to handle logistics. Whether you are a student organization leader, promoter, or a group of friends seeking a memorable evening, the Studentfy app has all the tools you need to plan and execute your event seamlessly in two vibrant Spanish cities – Barcelona and Madrid.

Studentfy is more than just a ticketing platform – it’s a comprehensive event planning solution, accessible both via your computer and mobile phone.

From selecting a venue to selling tickets, communicating with attendees, and managing guest check-ins, every aspect of your event is covered.

Imagine coordinating a dinner for your classmates in a picturesque rooftop restaurant in Eixample, Barcelona, or planning a farewell party at a trendy beach venue in Madrid – with Studentfy, these tasks are handled effortlessly.

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A unique event for you

Moreover, our Event Concierge service offers personalized assistance, making venue selection in specific areas of Barcelona and Madrid a breeze. Looking for an open-air venue for a summer soiree or a private area for an exclusive gathering? Just provide your preferences and budget, and the Concierge will present suitable options.

Once the venue is decided, create your event on the app, set ticket prices (free or paid), and start promoting. If a night of dancing is on the cards post-dinner, Studentfy also helps you locate venues close to your preferred clubs.

Why create an event with us?

Here some of the standout features of Studentfy:

Reduced processing fee for event tickets: Typically, we charge a 4.9% processing fee, but when you use Event Concierge, this is lowered to 2.9%.
✔️ Whe are technological:  The convenience of QR code scanning for guest check-ins eliminates the need for printed guest lists.
✔️ Straightforward funds withdrawal process : The money collected from ticket sales can be easily transferred to your bank account to pay any event-related expenses directly.

With Studentfy, your event planning in Barcelona and Madrid just got easier. Download the app today and experience the convenience of managing your event from dinner to dancing, all in one place.

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