New Year's Eve in Barcelona

Ashkan Ahmadi

The Best 2020 New Year’s Eve Parties and Events in Barcelona

Are you going to spend the 2019 New Year’s Eve in Barcelona? Are you curious what events and parties are going to happen in town? Here’s everything you need to know about the firework show and parties in Barcelona on New Year’s Eve in 2019.

The Firework Show in Plaça Espanya

Plaça Espanya is the official organizer of the firework shows every New Year’s Eve. Every year thousands and thousands of people come to Plaça Espanya to celebrate the new year watching a spectacular firework show.

The event is free and it usually begins at 11:45 pm but if you want to find a decent spot to watch the show, you should show up before that.  The fire and firework shows usually go on for about 40 minutes.

There is the pre-show that starts at 9:30 pm which includes the Magic Fountain lights display. The event is very popular and it attracts a huge crowd every year.

If you are coming to Plaça Espanya by metro, we don’t recommend getting off at the Plaça Espanya station. Hundreds of people take the L3 metro to come there which means very little room to breathe (even if you manage to get on the metro). Get off at the stations Rocafort or Tarragona instead.

The End of Year Party at Poble Espanyol

Poble Espanyol has been hosting the End of Year party for over 30 years now.

What makes Poble Espanyol’s party the most fun and special New Year’s Eve party in Barcelona? Very simple: THE BEST MUSIC + GOOD VIBES + 3 AREAS + GOOD PRICE + DRINKS + CLOCK COUNTDOWN + GRAPES + DECOR

The party this year is going to start at 10:30 pm and it will go on until 06:00 am. The regular ticket prices are 40€ until December 26 and 45€ starting from December 27 if you purchase them online. The ticket price will be 60€ at the ticket office if you don’t buy them in advance.

You can buy VIP, and VIP table and VIP table Premium tickets for 60€, 120€ and 150€, respectively.

You can buy your tickets online here.

Parties at clubs

Most clubs in Barcelona organize their own New Year party. If you are planning on dancing and having a great time, hurry up and get your ticket in advance. Remember that there will be no free entry to the top clubs.


Sutton is one of the classiest clubs in Barcelona where huge names like Bruno Mars, Deadmau5 and David Guetta have performed.

The NYE party at Sutton is one of the parties that is worth going to. The party starts around midnight and goes on until the dawn.

Regular tickets start at 50€ including three drinks. VIP tables start from 1000€. This year’s DJs will be Gerard Roig & Xavi Ques.



Opium is one of the most popular clubs in Barcelona located right by the beach. The NYE party begins before midnight and continues until six o’clock.

With a capacity of over 3000 people, Opium will be a great venue to start the new year with a celebration.

The NYE is 50€ and it includes one drink.

Pacha Barcelona


One of the finest clubs in Barcelona, Pacha throws a huge new year celebration every year.

This year’s party starts around midnight and will continue until 06 o’clock. The regular ticket prices are 50 and 60€ depending on availability and it includes one drink.

Otto Zutz


Most known for its hip hop and old-school music, Otto Zutz is one of the most popular clubs in Barcelona. With its large size, this club provides you with a large variety of music options spanning through three floors.

This year’s NYE party will begin around midnight and the ticket will be between 45 to 60€ depending on availability.


INPUT is the place to be at if you are a hardcore electronic music fan. Known for its industrial looking interior, spectacular light shows and electronic music, INPUT is the top club to celebrate the new year.

This year’s NYE DJ will be Paco Osuna and the ticket will be 40€.

If you are staying in Barcelona and want to celebrate the new year 2020, make sure you don’t sit home.

The metro will be running all night long non-stop. Then get your ticket now, hop on the metro and go to one of these parties and start 2020 with a bang.

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