The Perfect Ticketing Platform does Exist

How to manage your events and sell tickets

You know what you want to organize, where, when and how. You have your marketing and promotion campaign figured out, and you are ready to start selling. But, what is the most efficient way?

There are ZILLION of blog posts about it on the internet. Still, since we have been involved with events for the past 7 years and have organized thousands of them I wanted to write one from my perspective.

Why even using a ticketing platform?

In the old times, you would create a Facebook event with all the details of the event. There, you would put your bank account, PayPal or some other platform that would allow you to receive money. You had to check it constantly to see if someone paid you, with a big probability of mistakes happening.

Next step would be to create an excel sheet and to start writing down the payments one by one. Finally, you would print out that list and check people in manually the day of the event. What a nightmare!

Good for you, thanks to technology you no longer have to go through any of this. There are countless ticketing platforms online and offline that help you manage your events much more efficiently, helping you save a lot of time (and time is money, right?).

What to look for in a ticketing platform

Ticketing platforms can help you in many ways. Therefore, what we recommend is to look at two aspects. What are the functionalities that you care about the most? And secondly, how much will it cost you to use those functionalities?
Here is a list of some of the most important things a ticketing platform should facilitate:

  • Serve as a landing page for your event with all the information: Nobody uses Facebook anymore. Choose a platform that is easy to share and where you can put all the details of your event. This will save you time with promotion.
  • Sell your tickets and collect money: The platform should be user-friendly and give as many options to buyers as possible. Shy away from websites that don’t have a good user interface, have too many steps to buy or don’t have a strong enough payment platform with different options to pay.
  • Send messages to attendees: You definitely want to have an easy to use and effective way to communicate with attendees. Deadline approaching? A change in venue? A satisfaction survey? Find a platform that gives you an effective option to communicate with your customers.
  • Transfer money directly to suppliers: Most ticketing platforms allow you to do only one transfer, after the event, and only to your own account. This means that you don’t have access to your funds until after the event, and you need to transfer everything to yourself in order to pay suppliers afterwards. This adds an unnecessary step. You want to find a platform that is as flexible as possible with your funds.

Facilitate check-in the day of the event

Last but not least, printing a list of hundreds of attendees and having to check them in manually is a waste of time and resources. Find a ticketing platform that provides your customers with a QR, and the organizers with a tool to read them.

This will help you have a faster check-in and reduce the amount of people you need at the door.

If there is a tie in functionalities, which one to go for?

There are plenty of robust solutions out there that let you personalize your event in countless ways. How to choose the best one? Well, first of all figure out what you need. Weight the functionalities of each one. Maybe one allows for so many features that you don’t really need. Quite often, simple is better than complicated. After you have figured out the functionalities, it is time to add the pricing to the equation.

When it comes to pricing there are a lot of different options. From cheaper platforms that focus on keeping it simple at a lower price, to much more expensive platforms with a lot of advanced functionalities. Most of the platforms charge you two different concepts.

  • Processing fee: this is usually what the payment supplier charges. For example, if you use PayPal, PayPal charges you a fee.
  • Ticketing Platform: this is what the ticketing platform actually earns.

Therefore, in order to calculate total costs you need you add Processing Fee + Ticketing Platform.

PlatformProcessing feeTicketing platform
Ticket Tailor3.4% + 0.20€0,60€ per ticket
Eventzilla0 - 2.9%1.5€
TicketSource0%4.5% - 7%
TicketBud2.9%2% + 2.99€
BillettoFrom 3%0.60€ per ticket
Studentfy02.9% to 4.9%

Conclusion: so which one is the best ticketing platform?

Like with food, everyone has different taste and expectations. I would say it depends on what type of event you are organizing. If your event is large scale (+5 thousand tickets) and you need a very robust platform with a lot of customization options, 24/7 dedicated customer support and other advanced functionalities then you are probably better off with the more expensive options.

However, if you are organizing a smaller event, or an event that is more straightforward and does not need 20 different payment methods or other fancy options, you are better off keeping costs down and choosing one of the simpler options.

Remember, simpler does not mean worse. If you don’t need a Ferrari to move from point A to point B (Or can’t afford it), a BMW will do the trick just fine.

How well does Studentfy do in the race?

Studentfy is the cheapest ticketing platform in the market. The overall cost can be as low as 0 when you select Verse as the payment method. How can we do it? Simply because we are not only a ticketing platform, so we do not need to pay the bills by charging you for your events. We organize our own events, and this is the reason why we have a ticketing platform. We just decided to make it available for others.

With Studentfy you can create and sell events in our app; easily track sales and promote your event. Since the users will download the Studentfy app to purchase the ticket, you will be able to send them Push Notifications in case you need to communicate important messages, send satisfaction surveys or any other relevant news.

You will also be able to transfer your funds before the date of the event. This is key to pay your suppliers (bus, venue, personnel, etc.).

As for the check-in, you can forget having to print excel files and check in people in manually. We will give you free access to our check-in app for you to check-in your users and speed up the process.

Still have doubts?

Get in contact with us and we’ll walk you through the platform and solve your doubts.

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