The Top 10 Bars in Barcelona

The night soul of Barcelona

The vibrant city of Barcelona is home to a vast range of bars, each with their unique charm and offerings. Whether you’re searching for the perfect craft beer, a lively atmosphere, or just a cozy corner to enjoy a glass of wine, Barcelona has you covered. For your convenience, we’ve compiled an alphabetical list of the top 10 bars in the city, and if you hold a Studentfy card, you’re in for some exciting discounts!

1. Alquimia

This bar boasts a welcoming ambiance and a remarkable selection of cocktails. You can enjoy a laid-back evening here, indulging in your favourite drink. Studentfy card holders get a 10% discount.

2. Belushi's bar

An exciting hub for sports fans, Belushi’s, offers live sports screenings, a buzzing atmosphere, and an enticing food and drink menu. It’s not to forget the special discounts for Studentfy cardholders, including 25% off food, happy hour all night, and 3.5€ for San Miguel pints.

3. Bus Terraza

If you love enjoying your drinks outdoors, Bus Terraza should be on your list. This terrace bar serves up tasty drinks coupled with a free shot for every drink purchased with a Studentfy card.

4. Clubhaus

An innovative concept, Clubhaus, is a playground for adults, combining food, drinks, and entertainment. It offers a 10% discount for Studentfy cardholders, making the experience even more enjoyable.

5. Cocovail

For craft beer lovers, Cocovail is the place to be. Their outstanding chicken wings and a warm, friendly environment make this a favorite hangout spot. Plus, you can avail a 15% discount on food and drinks with the Studentfy card.

6. Enrollao

A contemporary bar with an eclectic mix of cocktails, Enrollao provides an immersive experience. Its artful interior only adds to the charm. You can enjoy a 10% discount with the Studentfy card.

7. Michael Collins

A traditional Irish pub at the heart of Barcelona, Michael Collins, serves authentic Irish drinks and food. With a 15% discount on food and drinks for Studentfy cardholders, it’s a perfect place to enjoy a relaxed evening.

8. Old Irish Pub

This bar offers a slice of Ireland right in Barcelona, complete with a warm atmosphere and an extensive drinks menu. There are multiple deals for Studentfy cardholders, including 5€ long drinks and 3.5€ Heineken pints. The perfect pre-drink spot before going to Colors or Jamboree.

9. Taberna del Espit

Famous for its vibrant ambiance, Taberna del Espit offers a range of beers, long drinks, and more, with special discounts for Studentfy cardholders.

10. The Room

Combining an intimate setting with a diverse drink selection, The Room is an ideal spot for a chill night out. Studentfy cardholders get a free shot and a 10% discount. Perfect for pre-drinking before going to one of the beach clubs.

These top bars in Barcelona offer more than just drinks; they offer unique experiences. So why wait? Get your Studentfy card, and let your Barcelona adventure begin!

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