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Barcelona is a city of rhythm, offering a variety of clubs to suit every music lover. Whether you’re a fan of reggaeton, R&B, or house music, there’s a club for you in Barcelona. Here’s a list of top 12 clubs ranked by Studentfy, including the type of music they play, the discounts offered, and the best nearby spots for pre-drinking.

1. Bestial

Situated in Port Olímpic, Bestial resonates with the beats of commercial music, reggaeton, and house on Fridays. Entrance is free until 1 am with the Studentfy Guest List. A nearby spot for pre-drinking is The Room, offering a free shot and 10% off with the Studentfy Card.

2. Sutton

Nestled in the uptown district, Sutton spins a mix of commercial music, pop, and top hits. The club offers free entrance until 1:30 am on Wednesday and Thursday, and until 1 am on Friday and Saturday. Begin your night at Enrollao, a nearby spot offering a 10% discount with the Studentfy Card.

3. La Fira Casanova

Located in Eixample, La Fira Casanova, known for latin music, offers free entry until 2 am on Thursdays, 1:30 am on Fridays, and a 3€ discount on Saturdays. For pre-party drinks, visit Indecente, offering a 10% discount with the Studentfy Card.

4. La Gozadera (Fira Provenza)

Famous for its Latin beats, La Gozadera has free entry until 1:30 am on Thursdays. Consider starting your night at Taberna del Espit nearby, offering discounted beers, long drinks, and more with the Studentfy Card. For the moment, the fira provenza is closed for renovation. 

5. Opium

On the shores of the Mediterranean, Opium plays R&B, commercial electronic, and house music. Studentfy users receive a 5€ discount. Kick off your night at The Mood, a nearby spot offering a 10% discount with the Studentfy Card.

6. Pacha

Also located by the sea, Pacha reverberates with R&B, commercial electronic, and house music, offering discounted tickets for Studentfy users. Start your evening at Clubhaus, offering a 10% discount with the Studentfy Card.

7. Apolo Mondays (Honey Bunny, the old Nasty Mondays)

A hub for indie and alternative music lovers, Apolo offers free entry until 2 am with the Studentfy Premium card.

8. La Fira Villarroel

Known for its Latin beats, La Fira Villarroel offers free entry until 2 am. Indecente, a nearby spot, is perfect for pre-drinking and offers a 10% discount with the Studentfy Card.

9. Otto Zutz

Located in Gracia, Otto Zutz is known for hip-hop, reggaeton, and commercial music. Enjoy free entrance until 2 am on Thursdays and Fridays, and until 1 am on Saturdays, with a free shot included.

10. Shoko

Beachfront located Shoko, known for its mix of commercial and house music, offers free or discounted tickets during the week, depending on the season. Bus Terraza, offering panoramic city views and a free shot with any drink using the Studentfy Card, is a great pre-party spot.

11. Jamboree

Situated in the Gothic Quarter, Jamboree plays hip-hop, R&B, and Latin music. Enjoy free entry until 2:30 am from Sunday to Wednesday, until 2 am on Thursday, and 3€ off on Friday and Saturday with the Studentfy Premium card. Nearby, Old Irish Pub offers great deals on beers and long drinks for your pre-clubbing gathering.

12. Colors

Known for a variety of music genres, Colors offers free entry until 1:30 am, plus a free shot. Before heading there, stop at Old Irish Pub for a pre-clubbing evening with special deals on beers and long drinks using your Studentfy Card.

Remember, all these discounts and more are at your fingertips with the Studentfy mobile app. Enjoy the Barcelona nightlife to the fullest!

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