Belushi's Beer Pong Monday

Where to Play Beer Pong in Barcelona

What is Beer Pong

Beer pong: a game with beer, competition, and fun. What else can you ask for?

Beer pong is the party game that has now turned into a full-time competitive sport. It is a test of skill, accuracy, reflexes and sometimes just pure luck! It is the most popular game for all college students and this is the perfect way to get the night started and keeping it going all night long.

Belushi's Beer Pong Monday

How to Play Beer Pong

There are two teams of two players. All you need is a long table, 6 or 10 plastic cups per team, and a ping pong ball.

To begin, each team goes to the opposite ends of the table and forms a pyramid of 6 or 10 cups, then partially fill them with beer. Now the fun part begins! You have to throw the ping pong ball across the table and land the ball in one of the other team’s cups.

If the ball lands in a cup, the opposite team must drink the beer in that cup and then remove the cup from the table. Then it’s time for the opposite team to do the same thing and the game goes on and on.

So, how do you win? Well, it’s easy! You just have to eliminate all of the other team’s cups before they eliminate your cups. That’s how you win!

Belushi's Beer Pong Monday

Where to Play Beer Pong in Barcelona

Beer Pong Mondays is Barcelona’s best and greatest beer pong competition taking place every Monday night at Belushi’s Sports Bar. The registration starts at 9pm and the tournament begins at 10pm. The tournament is usually between 32 teams in a bracket style and all the teams are displayed on the wall. It is 10€ per team to enter the tournament but the winning team in every round always gets free beer until they become the champion or get knocked out. 

The Beer Pong Mondays at Belushi’s is one of the best social events in the heart of Barcelona especially for the international students and tourists. It’s do or die, win or go home! Legacies are at stake and Barcelona champions are to be made! The top teams from all over the city meet every Monday night to see who can become the next champion. Students from all universities and schools come together for some fierce competition and unlimited fun.

You’ll need to warm up for this one, this is where the best players come to compete to be win a 50€ voucher, glory and respect! The photo of the winning team is also added to the Wall of Fame of the bar.

What are you waiting for? Come to try your luck to become that week’s champion or just come to have fun with friends.

Belushi’s Sports Bar & Hostel Barcelona is one of the most popular bars for international students and tourists. It is located at Carrer de Bergara, 3 in the center of Barcelona and it is an amazing place to get beer, have fun with friends and watch sports matches. All the Studentfy Premium Members get a 25% discount on food and other discounts and benefits on drinks.

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