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every night until 2am


Show the card at the door


May not apply at special events

Otto Zutz Club

Otto Zutz Barcelona Club is the best Hip-Hop and RnB club in Barcelona. With its casual dress code, three floors with different music and a wide range of high quality drinks, it’s the best spot for partying. If you love Hip Hop and dancing with a young crowd, Otto Zutz is the right place for you.

Free entry until 2:00

Enter Otto Zutz for free every night until 2:00 with our free guest list but arrive earlier to avoid the long lines

Free Dinner

Otto Zutz Barcelona offers free dinner every Wednesday night from 10:30pm. Just go there and say you are from Studentfy

VIP Services and Bottles

Book a VIP service with bottles. Prices start from 250€



Studentfy is the largest student association in Barcelona. We offer the best deals, products and services to the international student community in Barcelona.

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Due to the current circumstances, many clubs have suspended the free entries, discounts and other benefits.

The Studentfy Card may not guarantee any benefits at the moment.