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The Fish & Chips Shop

The Fish & Chips Shop is one of the most iconic restaurants in Barcelona selling some of the best fish and chips you can get in the city. They use fresh cod (bacalao) marinated with their own original spices and flavors and served hot. We definitely recommend trying their calamari and mango chutney.

20% on everything

The Fish & Chips Shop offers a wide range of delicious plates for reasonable price and enjoy a 20% discount as a Studentfy Premium Member

5 Locations in Barcelona

With 5 locations in Barcelona, there is always a Fish and Chips Shop near you

Quick & Fresh

They are quick and always preparing your food fresh, perfect place just to jump in and eat a quick fish escorted with a cold beer at their terrace

Variety of Sea Food

With a big variety of fried sea food dishes, from to octopus to the prawn, and fish of course, you will definitely find a favorite



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