Doctor At Home

Are you feeling sick and can't leave the house to see a doctor? A doctor can now come to you wherever you are.


Quirónsalud is now offering a doctor visiting you at home or any other place for free if you are too sick to move or need a doctor as soon as possible. Quirónsalud is Spain’s leading provider of health services with over 60 years of experience caring for people’s health and well-being.

Here are some of the benefits of the service:


A doctor will visit you completely free of charge


A doctor is available for a visit 24/7


They can help you in 10 languages


Receive a prescription immediately*


The doctor can call an ambulance if necessary


Your health insurance company covers all costs**

* The doctor will write you a prescription depending on his/her evaluation. He/She will call an ambulance if you need to go to the hospital immediately
** If they take you to the hospital, the tests in the hospital will be ONLY COVERED by an international health insurance. If you have a national insurance or none at all, you will be asked to pay the tests that you undergo in the hospital (if you go). The doctor’s visit will be free of charge in any case. Make sure you are familiar with your insurance’s policy and what it covers exactly.

Please remember that this service should not be used if you need to be taken to the hospital immediately. For example, if you are bleeding very badly and need to be taken to the hospital immediately, please call 112.

Call a doctor:


Quirónsalud is Spain’s leading provider of health services. Although it is a young brand, born of the merger between idcsalud and Quirón, we have over 60 years of experience caring for people’s health and well-being with over 50 hospitals and 90 other health centers across Spain.

Expert care and a vision of medicine based on personalization, warmth, and connection with the patient—because we believe in person-to-person health.

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Teknon Hospital

Centro Médico Teknon is one of the leading hospitals in the Spanish private health care sector because of the high quality and excellence of its medical and health care services, in an environment that combines personalized care with the most advanced technology.

Teknon is governed by a strict culture of quality management, focused on providing the best patient care and satisfaction with the highest standards of quality and safety. For the fifth time in a row, our center has been accredited by the Joint Commission International, the most technically competent international institution in the health care sector for evaluating care quality.

More than 400 first-rate specialists practice on our campus, all with international training in their respective fields and the ability to attend patients in various languages. More than 2000 professionals are dedicated to providing the best medical care, comfort and personalized service to our patients, covering all medical and surgical specialties.

At Centro Médico Teknon, we know that excellence depends on continual innovation. For this reason we have incorporated a hybrid operating theater with the most advanced technology on the market. It is a next-generation image-guided therapy platform, used primarily in the field of interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery, which increases the safety and precision of procedures and shortens recovery time for patients.

The Center is accredited by the Joint Commission International.

Top features of Teknon:

  • 70,000 m2 floor space
  • 211 individual rooms
  • 19 suites
  • 20 operating rooms (1 hybrid operating rooms)
  • Endoscopy Services
  • Obstetric Services
  • Adult ICU
  • Neonatal ICU
  • Quirónsalud Teknon Heart Institute
  • Adult Emergency Services
  • Cardiology Emergency Services
    (24h Code Heart Failure)
  • Paediatric Emergency Services
  • Surgical Day Hospital
  • Oncology Day Hospital
  • Assisted Reproductive Laboratory
  • Clinical Analysis Laboratory
  • Anatomic Pathology Laboratory
  • 150 Medical Offices
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