Frequently Asked Questions

What is Studentfy?

Studentfy is the fastest growing and largest international student association in Spain run by business school alumni. We help students save money, time and make the best of their time while studying in Spain.

What do you do?

We partner with the best businesses to get you the best deals and discounts. We understand that many students have a very little or no source of income. Therefore, our discounts can help them save money and time.

We organize sports, cultural and networking events in Barcelona. We also plan and run fun and memorable trips. Download the Studentfy mobile app to see all the discounts, trips and events.

Why do you do this?

We are international alumni who experienced and went through the same challenges the international students and foreigners are going to face in Spain. We have dedicated ourselves to make sure you get the most out of your time in Spain and do not make the mistakes we made along the way.

What kind of events do you organize?

We organize a wide range of activities. Some examples of the events we organize are welcome drinks for the new students, BBQ parties, thematic parties, trips, and dinners.

What kind of services do you offer?

At the moment, we offer different services such as:

Important: Studentfy partners up with other businesses to offer these discounts and services. We ourselves do not have our own services.

What is the Studentfy Membership Card?

The Studentfy Membership Card allows its holders to enjoy a variety of discounts at over 130 different businesses. The Studentfy card is accessible on the Studentfy mobile app.

What is the Processing Fee and why is it added?

The processing fee is an extra charge added to a number of our products (including all trips and events) in order to cover the online banking fee. The fee is almost always a percentage between 1.5% to 4.99%.

How can I work with Studentfy?

We are always on the lookout for new talents that can turn into replaceable asset at Studentfy. If you are interested in being part of our team, you can send your CV to