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Whether you study or work in Spain, having a bank account is a must in order to pay rent and utilities, send and receive money, get internet for your flat, etc.

Luckily, opening a bank account is relatively easy and there are a variety of banks to choose from but most banks wouldn’t open a bank account for non-EU citizens without a NIE (numero idenificado extranjero: Foreigners’ Identification Number) , house contract or other documents. Opening a bank account in Spain can be a pain in the neck if you do not have the right papers or documents. The whole process is still bureaucratic and you will have to make an appointment in advance in order to be able to open an account at some banks and branches. Luckily, there is an easy solution. Continue reading to find out how to open a bank account as a student quickly especially if you don’t have a NIE yet.

Banco Sabadell


Studentfy and Banco Sabadell have become partners to offer international students the option to open a checking account when they arrive here with no NIE neededno monthly fees, no debit card fees and no opening fees. Most banks require a NIE and the process takes 30 to 45 days to acquire one. This is why through our partnership, you do not need a NIE to open the bank account and can open your bank account the day you arrive to Barcelona or Madrid.


What can you do with your Sabadell account?

  • Send and receive money in the bank, at any Sabadell ATM, using their online banking system or their mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • see, download and print your statements and past transactions
  • Check your balance and transactions; send transfers to accounts or cards; manage your bills, taxes and social security or open a new account using the Sabadell App
  • Customize your alerts and get real time information about any suspicious or predefined changes in your cards and accounts. For example, Sabadell alerts you when they deposit your salary or if your card is used for a purchase of over €300.
  • Set up automatic recurring payments (e.g. pay 60€ each month for the internet)

How to open a bank account?

All you need is to go to one of the branches below and tell them you are from Studentfy. It works best if you show them your Studentfy card because they will recognize it immediately. The only document you will need to have is a valid passport*.

* If you are a citizen of Iran, North Korea, Syria or similar countries, Banc Sabadell may refuse to open an account for you due to international financial sanctions. They may require a NIE in the first place. In that case, try CaixaBank.

Don’t have a Studentfy card? Get your card today and enjoy all the benefits.


  • Carrer de la Diputació, 259, 08007 Barcelona
  • Avinguda Diagonal, 644, 08017 Barcelona
  • Avinguda de Roma, 22, 08015 Barcelona
  • Carrer de Valencia, 110, 08015 Barcelona


  • Calle del Príncipe de Vergara, 69, 28006 Madrid
  • Calle de Diego de León, 5, 28006 Madrid
  • Calle de López de Hoyos, 42, 28006 Madrid

Here we have included some useful language for you to know/ask as well:

  • Hola. Me gustaría abrir una cuenta corriente = Hi. I would like to open a checking bank account.
  • Soy estudiate = I’m a student.
  • Hay comisiones? = Are there commissions/fees?
  • Me han dicho que puedo abrir una cuenta sin la tarjeta de NIE con la tarjeta de Studentfy = I have been told that I can open a bank account without a NIE and with the Studentfy card.

When you have opened your bank account, you will receive a Sabadell and Studentfy branded debit card which you can use in stores, at ATMs and online.

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