About us

We are a team of recent graduates from different business schools of Barcelona (EADA, ESADE, EAE & TBS). While our tuition provided the knowledge and information, we felt that a true organization to connect students within and among universities, putting them at the center of the project and aiming at providing the best student experience for them was lacking.

Starting from the organisation of small events for our peers in our respective schools, networking led us to meet each other and work on developing Studentfy, a response to a need of business students and the filler for the gap we had identified in this market.


Studentfy has grown from a couple of lads working from their computers in Starbucks to the reality it is today: the biggest business school network in Barcelona & Madrid counting thousands of members from ESADE, EADA, EAE, IESE, TBS, ESEI, EU, UPF… Over time, we saw our team, partnerships, and opportunities grow exponentially. What stayed the same are our hunger to succeed and our vision to become the first student organization in the world. Our secret is our spirit, and this is what motivates us day after day to provide you with the best.

As an organization of recent graduates with a young essence providing services for future graduates, Studentfy is truly “By the students, for the students”. They say student life is golden life, so you should take every opportunity while you’re at it. This represents our mission. This is us. This is Studentfy.