Adeslas Health Insurance

You can now apply for the AdeslasCOMPLETA®, a complete health insurance plan with full coverage for only 27.80€ a month. This plan comes with a full dental coverage with special conditions for the intenational students moving to Spain. You can also apply for a Spanish student visa and renew your NIE with the Adeslas insurance.

With the AdeslasCOMPLETA® health care plan, you have access to over a thousand health centers, free dental checkups and cleanings, ambulatory and emergency care, hospitalization and transplants, free IUD insertion and pregnancy and childbirth care, and a lot more.

You can read more about the insurance plan here.

Please note that this is an exclusive agreement between Studentfy and Adeslas and to receive the special price, it has to go through us. You may not go to an Adeslas office and apply for it.

27.80€ per month for a complete health insurance plan

only for the Studentfy card holders





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