Suitelife Barcelona is a full-service apartment rental agency that specializes in helping foreigners and locals find the home of their dreams in Barcelona. They will accompany you to visit the flat and if you like it, they will make sure you get your dream flat as soon as possible.

Suitelife accompanies you to visit the flat and go over all the conditions and payments. No hidden fees, no surprises. They are very helpful and friendly.

If you are a student looking for an affordable flat in Barcelona, check out their website to see all the available flats. Make sure you say that you have the Studentfy card to get a 50€ cashback. You will receive the 100€ cashback from Studentfy after your booking.

You can fill out this form and your information will be sent to Suitelife and other housing agencies we work with. They will contact you back with suitable flats for you.

Check out our detailed and thorough guides on how to find a flat in Barcelona:

50€ cashback


Say you are coming from Studentfy before booking

only for the Studentfy card holders


SuiteLife Barcelona




Carrer d'Aribau, 80, 08036 Barcelona

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