Pont del Petroli

Pont del Petroli is one of the hidden gems in Badalona, only a few kilometers away from Barcelona.  The entire length of the bridge is about 250 meters and it stands about 6 meters above the water. When you arrive at the end of the pier, you can get an amazing view of Barcelona, Tibidabo and Badalona.

The original pier was constructed in 1879 to load and unload oil from ships. That’s why it’s called the Petrol Bridge. There was a plan to destroy the pier once it became obsolete and unused but after many requests by divers, photographers, and the locals, it became a property of the City Hall of Badalona. After years of restoration, it was opened to the public with improved security and lighting system.

In 2017, the support of the pier was partially damaged because of a storm and waves up to 8 meters tall. With a budget of about 230 thousand euros, the entire pier was repaired.

Pont del Petroli
Pont del Petroli | © image by marcgcphotography.com

When you arrive to the pier, you will be greeted by the bronze statue of Anís del Mono created by Ruiz inaugurated in 2012 as a dedication to the anís brand Anís del Mono which is produced at the Anís del Mono factory just meters away from the pier. The statue is made of bronze and it is sitting right at the entrance of the pier.

Statue of Anis del Mono
Statue of Anís del Mono | Image by Txebixev

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Pont del Petroli
Pent del Petroli during the sunrise | © image by llondru

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Passeig Marítim, s/n, 08911 Badalona, Barcelona



Nearest metro/bus stop

L2 metro Pep Ventura

Official website



9:00am to 10:00pm


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