Processing Fee Policy

Studentfy Ticketing platform is a fantastic tool for any student who wants to organize an event, and skip the ridiculously high commission fees and lack of functionality and sub-par customer service of other platforms. The majority of our commission fee goes to the bank behind our payment platform. The rest, helps us cover the costs of keeping this dream alive. Still, we have cut in half the fees of those events that are co-organized by us.

The commission changes depending on whether we help you with the organization of your event, and the price per ticket.

Co-organized events:

  • 0-9.99€ = 2.99%
  • 10-39.99€ = 2.49%
  • +40€ = 1.99%

Non co-organized events:

  • 0-9.99€ = 4.99%
  • 10-39.99€ = 4.49%
  • +40€ = 3.99%

Are you thinking about organizing an event for your school? Let us know! Here are some of the benefits:

  1. We will help you develop your idea. In 99% of the cases we have organized something similar for another school / student.
  2. We organize 300 events every year. Reason why we negotiate in bulk and get big discounts on rental fees and other conditions.
  3. Use our photographers and camera crew, payment platform, App to check-in access on the spot, legal help, logistics know-how and much more!
  4. The best thing? It’s completely free. And the venue will contribute a percentage of their profits to the graduation fund of your school!
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