Refund Policy

This Refund Policy contains information about issues related to refund requests and the customer rights.

In this document, “we”, “us”, “our”, “ours” refer to Studentfy and “you” refers to the user/customer.

1. General

1.1 – Studentfy is a ticketing platform connecting the event organizers with potential buyers. Studentfy is not responsible for handling, managing or distributing any money generated from any external event. As a result, Studentfy may not be able to issue a refund if the event organizer has made transfers and the amount is unavailable to issue the refund. In this case, you must contact the organizer of the event for further information.

1.2 – Studentfy maintains the right to add, modify or remove these conditions at any given time without the obligation to notify the users in advance. It is solely the user’s responsibility to read and understand these articles before placing an order, online or offline. Failure to do so does not ground for a partial or full return by default.

1.3 – Before purchasing any product on our website, you are highly encouraged to read the Refund Policy in detail. By placing an order on our platform (website or app), whether paid or unpaid, you agree that you have read, understood and agreed to these conditions.

1.4 – Certain products may include their own refund condition mentioned in the description of the product. If a product has its own refund condition, that condition will take precedence over this Refund Policy.

1.5 – Any purchases made on any Studentfy platform whether website or mobile application regardless of the payment method, online payment, cash or bank transfer, are subject to this Refund Policy. This means that by making any payment, you agree to this Refund Policy (unless mentioned otherwise in the description of the event).

1.6 – We use the payment platform Redsys to receive payments througḣbank cards and to refund the clients. We generally issue the refunds 2 to 7 working days after it has been approved. However, the amount may not appear in your account for up to 10 days. The time it takes for the amount to show up in your account is completely out of our control and it depends on the payment platform and your bank and the regulations. If you have not received the refund after a few weeks, please contact us to investigate and then your bank.

1.7 – If you cannot attend an event or trip, and you believe that you are entitled to a refund, please send your refund request to

1.8 – These General Terms and Conditions of Purchase do not and shall not affect your legal rights as a consumer. For further information about your legal rights, please contact the Spanish Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition Agency (AECOSAN)

2. Processing Fee

2.1 – Studentfy adds a processing fee on top of the prices of the products. The processing fee added on top is always displayed on the Cart and the Checkout pages.

2.2 – Some products may not have added fees added to the price of the product. This does not mean that there are no fees involved.

2.3 – Depending on the agreement between Studentfy and the organizer, fees may be implicitly included in the price of the product.

2.4 – If a fee is added on the price of the product, the price of the product will be refunded and the processing fee added on top of the product’s price will not be refunded.

2.5 – If a fee is included in the price of the product, the processing fee will not be visible or communicated to the user. In this case, the total amount paid includes the base price of the product plus the processing fee. The processing fee will not be refunded.

2.6 – Processing fees are not refundable under any circumstances, unless agreed by Studentfy.

2.7 – Studentfy holds the right to communicate the processing fee included in the price of a product or not.

2.8 – For more information, please review our Processing Fee Policy

3. Trips

3.1 – All the trips on Studentfy’s platforms are organized by registered travel agencies such as Sham Trips (GC3213), Estiber (G.C.M.D. 134) or any other travel agency, and promoted by Studentfy. Studentfy does not organize any of its trips but only uses its platforms to advertise other agencies’ trips. As a result, we have very little or no say in making refunds on our own. It is the organizer’s discretion to agree to a refund request or not. If the organizer refuses to approve a refund request, Studentfy cannot intervene or change the decision.

3.2 – The majority of our trips are one-day trips meaning that the trip from the departure to arrival lasts less than 24 hours. If you have purchased a day trip but cannot attend anymore, you must request a refund at least 72 hours before the departure. Any refund requested within a 72-hour period may not be approved by the travel agency.

3.3 – If a trip lasts more than 24 hours, you must request a refund at least 96 hours before the departure. Any refund requested within a 96-hour period may not be approved by the travel agency. Special trips, such as our trip to Andalucia, Pais Vasco, Andorra and other longer trips have special conditions. Deposits will be non-refundable by default, and the rest of the payments are subject to the refund policies of the agencies we collaborate with. Any refund request done less than two weeks before departure will have to be analyzed and approved or denied by the agency.

3.4 – Trips purchased using a discount code or through a special offer may not be refunded.

3.5 – Every trip has its own meeting point and time which are included in the itinerary and the trip information on the website or the app. All travelers are highly encouraged to be on time. You may not be entitled to a partial or full refund if you show up late. The organizers are under no obligation to wait for the late travelers. If you miss the bus, you should contact us immediately, but that by itself, does not guarantee a refund. Missing a bus simply because you were late (for any reason) does not constitute a ground for a refund.

3.6 – Not being able to join a trip (e.g. because of changing mind, or sudden sickness, or making a mistake in purchasing the ticket(s)) shall not constitute grounds for a refund. Please see 3.2 and 3.3.

3.7 – If you purchase a trip but inform us that you would like to cancel your ticket less than 72 or 96 hours before the trip begins (see 3.2 and 3.3), you will not be entitled to a refund. The only solution in such case would be to find a replacement to go in your place. If you find a replacement, you will need to inform us in advance so that we change the information you have provided. If we find a replacement for you, we will inform and refund you.

3.8 – At times, an event might sell out or get canceled but not be taken off our platforms immediately. We do our best to update the website and the mobile application as soon as possible and keep all the information accurate and updated, however, there may be times that it is not possible to update the website/app immediately or that the organizer did not inform us in time. If you buy an event or product that has been cancelled but still available for purchase on our website/app, we will inform you as soon as possible and you will be entitled to a refund.

3.9 – The deposit paid for the trip to Morocco is non-refundable by default. It is Studentfy’s discretion to refund any specific cases or not.

3.10 – If an event such as a trip undergoes major alterations, you can choose to either confirm your order for the altered event or request a refund (for the sales price of your ticket(s), including administration costs for each ticket) within the period we have stipulated. If you do not agree with the new plan or can’t attend for any reason, you need to inform us within 72 hours (And always 24h before the new date). If you do not inform us, we will assume that you are OK with the new date and confirm your attendance, after which you will not be entitled to demand a refund. A “major alteration” is a change which, according to our reasonable judgment and that of the Promoter, causes the event to differ greatly from that which the ticket buyer generally and reasonably expected. This includes, but is not limited to, changing the date of the event or the entire schedule of the event. In such cases, it is up to Studentfy to decide whether a refund should be given or not (if the event is organized and managed by Studentfy). If not, it is up to the organizer of the event to make a such decision.

3.11 – When a trip is cancelled or postponed and you inform us that you can’t attend, we will refund your payment

4. Studentfy-organized Events

These are events organized, managed and run by Studentfy.

4.1 – You must request a refund at least 7 days or more before the event starts to be entitled to receive a refund.

4.2 – If you request a refund less than 7 days before the start of the event, you will not be entitled to a refund.

4.3 – If the date of an event is changed to another date and you cannot attend the event on the new date, you will be entitled to a refund.

4.4 – A refund will always exclude the processing fee. Refer to the Processing Fee section for more information.

5. Student-organized or Other External Events

These are events where Studentfy is only a ticketing platform and is not involved with organizing, promoting or managing the event. These events have their own event organizers (in the rest of this section, referred to as the Organizer).

5.1 – If an event is organized by any party other than Studentfy, the decision to approve or reject a refund request solely depends on the Organizer and not Studentfy. We forward all refund requests to the Organizer and let them decide.

5.2 – In non-Studentfy-organized events, the Organizer is the legal responsible entity of the event. Studentfy will not be held responsible in any case, for anything beyond guaranteeing the correct functioning of our platforms.

5.3 – Studentfy has no control and plays no role in controling, handling or managing the money collected through ticket sales (except for the processing fee).

5.4 – The Organizer is in full control of the money collected through ticket sales, thus, legally responsible for its handling. Any claim, complaint or legal matter must be addressed to the Organizer, not Studentfy.

5.5 – Studentfy allows event organizers to set their own refund policy. For example, they may choose to have a no-refund policy for their event. In this case, the Organizer’s refund policy overrides and takes precedence over Studentfy’s standard refund policy. This means that the Organizer is fully in charge of the refund requests and Studentfy has no say in this matter.

5.6 – Every Organizer is responsible for handling refunds related to their event. Studentfy will not be held responsible for any legal/financial responsibility originating from such refunds or claims.

6. Coupon and Store Credit

6.1 – There may be cases where refunding the customer as cash would not be possible. In such cases, we will offer a coupon code that can be used on the website to purchase other events. If you are a registered affiliate in our Referral Program, we may issue the refund as store credit.

6.2 – If you purchase a product using a coupon code, we would not be able to refund the amount that the coupon code has deducted from your subtotal.

7. Violations of Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy

7.1 – All users have the option to pick the option that they have the Studentfy membership card to enjoy the discount the Studentfy card gives to its holders. By picking this option, you confirm that you do have the card and your card is valid. Picking the option purposefully only to receive a discount without having a valid Studentfy Membership Card is a violation of our Terms and Conditions and in case of detection, we may refuse to accept the customer’s order if he/she refuses to pay the difference. In such case, either you will have to cover the extra difference or we would refund the full amount and remove you order.