EADA Ski Trip to Andorra – 17-19 January – Deposit

EADA Ski Trip to Andorra – 17-19 January – Deposit

Admin price is: 15.00

Non-admin price is: 20.00

The ski season is beginning and it’s time to hit the slopes in Andorra

Where is Andorra?

Andorra is a country high in the Pyrénées Mountains on the French-Spanish border. It is the sixth-smallest nation in Europe, Its capital “Andorra la Vella” is the highest capital city in Europe. It is known for its breathtaking landscape and mountain ranges, ski resorts, and low-tax shopping centers.

We are going to spend 2 days skiing in the Pas de la Casa.

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Departure from Barcelona

Arrival in Barcelona


You have to pay a deposit of 30€ now to reserve your spot. You will then have to pay the remaining later on before 07 January. Remember that this deposit is non-refundable.

  • Deposit: 30€ (non-refundable)
  • Second payment: Studentfy card holders:
    154€ first 20 tickets
    161€ until 26 December
    166€ until SOLD OUT
  • Second payment: Non-Studentfy card holders:
    158€ first 20 tickets
    165€ until 26 December
    170€ until SOLD OUT - Get your card here.
  • Extras:
    Ski equipment (skis, poles, boots): 18
    Snowboard equipment (snowboard, boots): 24
    Health insurance: 10

Included in the price

  • Private bus from Barcelona to Andorra and back to Barcelona
  • Hotel near the slopes
  • Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday at the hotel
  • Dinner on Saturday night at the hotel


Day 1:
18:45 We meet in Plaza Espanya between the Venician towers
19:00 The bus leaves Plaza Espanya
23:00 We arrive at the hotel

Day 2:
– The exact times will be confirmed later on and emailed to you

Day 3:
– The exact times will be confirmed later on and emailed to you
16:00 We meet again to take the bus. We cannot be late otherwise we will spend +6 hours stuck in traffic
22:00 Arriving back in Barcelona

The exact time may slightly differ depending on the weather, traffic or any other factors. In case of any major change, you will be informed by email. Always double check with your guide. The information given by the tour guide will always override what’s mentioned on the website.


– Andorra is not part of the EU and your EU health insurance will not be applicable there. We recommend getting health insurance for this trip.
– Prepaid SIM cards will not work in Andorra and the roaming rate is extremely high. We recommend disabling your SIM card right before we cross the border into Andorra
– Bring energy gels, light snack or any other food you want.
– Take advantage of the low taxes in Andorra. It’s a great opportunity to go shopping there.

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