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What is the Studentfy Card?

The Studentfy Card is a discount card allowing you to enjoy a variety of discounts and other benefits at restaurants, bars, clubs, accommodation platforms, cultural sites, and much more.

We have over 80 partners in Barcelona, Madrid and online and the card allows you to use all of them.

The card is valid for one year from the time of purchase and it is 15€ in Barcelona and 10€ in Madrid. It can be used in both cities.


We have over 80 partners in Barcelona and Madrid and each offers a unique discount.

If you are looking for a new flat, want to go to a healthy sushi bar, or want to go clubbing, there is a discount for every need.

Based on our estimates, you can save up to 50€ a month with the Studentfy Membership Card.

Check out all the discounts and partners:

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Frequenty Asked Questions

▶️ How can I get the card?

You can visit our online shop and purchase your card or you can buy it in person in our offices.

▶️ What's the biggest benefit of having the card?

Saving time and money especially if you are a student.

▶️ How can I use the card?

Just show your card to the cashier or the person in charge at our partners’ locations and you will receive the discount/benefit.

▶️ How much does the card cost?

The price of the card in Barcelona is 15€ and in Madrid 10€.

▶️ Can you mail the card to my house?

Absolutely. During the check out process, pick the Delivery option and we will send your card to any address you provide within Spain.

▶️ I have lost my card. What can I do?

You can visit our shop and purchase a replacement card. The replacement cards are only for those who have already purchased the current card.

▶️ Can the card be used by more than one person?

In most cases, no. The card can be used only by its owner and its ownership is non-transferrable.

▶️ Can I use my card from last year?

If it’s been more than 365 days since you purchased your card, no. Our current card is the 2018-2019 one and the old ones have expired. If your card has expired, get your updated card now (Barcelona, Madrid) to enjoy the benefits again.

▶️ Can I use the Studentfy services without the card?

Sure. We aim to help everyone, however, some services or discounts may be exclusive to the card holders only.

▶️ Do I need to change my card after a year?

Yes. The card is valid for 365 days from the date you purchase the card. It’s been more than that, yes, you will have to purchase the new card.

▶️ Can I go to your events without the card?

Of course. If it’s a paid event, the card holders always receive a discount, though.

▶️ I tried to use the card but they said they don't recognize the card. Why?

Sometimes there are new bouncers/cashiers who haven’t been told about the card. If that ever happens, please let us know as soon as possible and we will contact them to fix it.

▶️ I have a business and I would like to collaborate with Studentfy. What can I do?

We are open to all collaborations. You can contact us at and +34 611 458 721.


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    Ashkan Ahmadi

    This card is really helpful. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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