Mont Rebei

Mont Rebei

Don't miss this trip if you love hiking. Come enjoy the beautiful views of Mont Rebei

Departure from Barcelona

Arrival in Barcelona


Included in the price

COVID-19 Safety Measures

We have put in place exceptional measures so that you can travel safely with us. These are some of the measures we have adopted to ensure every traveler's health and well-being:


06:45 Meeting point in Plaza Espanya (Av Reina Maria Cristina)
07:00 The bus leaves (PLEASE BE ON TIME)
> There will be a 30-minute break on the way to have breakfast and use the bathroom
11:00 We arrive in Mont Rebei and start our hike
16:45 We meet again next to the information office where we got off the bus
17:00 Taking the bus to go back to Barcelona
20:00 Arrive in Barcelona

The exact time may slightly differ depending on the weather, traffic or any other factors. In case of any major change, you will be informed by email. Always double check with your guide. The information given by the tour guide will always override what’s mentioned on the website and the email.


– It’s almost impossible to stop the bus if someone needs to use the bathroom. Please use the bathroom before getting on the bus.
– You can buy water or coffee and some snacks at the information office where you get off the bus. There are no other shops during the entire hike. We recommend having at least 1.5L of water per person for the whole hike.
– Bring light food and snacks like sandwiches and fruits.
– The only bathroom in Mont Rebei is near where the bus drops us off.
– The hike is not a loop. You will have to go back the same way you went.
– The entire hike is about 15km long. Some sections are steep and challenging. Some fitness is required.
– Wear comfortable clothes, running/hiking shoes and a hat.
– When you get to the wooden stairs after the second bridge, start thinking about going back. You will need about 2 hours to get back to the bus.
– Bring your swimsuit if you want to swim (possible only during the summer).
– There won’t be any reception in some sections. If you have walkie-talkies, we recommend bringing them to communicate with your friends.
– Read our blog explaining the history of Mont Rebei and what activities you can do there

Photos from our trip

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This trip is organized and run by Sham Trips (GC3213) and brought to you by Studentfy.

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