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Access to your Studentfy card and all the discounts, and a lot more.

Boost your student life

Find out what’s happening in your school and city!

Get amazing discounts

Trips, Bars, Clubs, GYMs, Restaurants and MUCH more

Have unlimited fun

Meet new people, join events and experience the city at its fullest

Find all in one place

Access all the discounts and events with just one tap

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The community’s opinions are the most important part of Studentfy and we are incredibly proud of the positive feedback.

Where can I download the mobile application?

You can download the Studentfy mobile application on Google App Store or Apple App Store.

What's the biggest benefit of having the card?

Saving time and money especially if you are a student. You will also get other benefits like convenience or special access.

How can I get the card?

You can get the card directly from our website Click here to get your card now.

What can I see on the app?

You have access to your digital Studentfy card and the public events and trips as well your school-specific events and news.

What is a class rep?

A rep is any individual in charge of a group or club at your school, for example, a Sailing Club. Read more about the class reps here.

Do I need to renew my card after it's expired?

Yes. The card is valid for 3, 6 or 12 months from the date you purchase the card. You can see the expiration date on your card.

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