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Loyal member of Studenfy - good deals and services with nice events 🙂 They are only adding more nice places where you can get good deals and organizing events, so you will continue to get more value out of your membership.
Ben De Swaef
EAE Business School
Studentfy also offers an attractive membership card. This card is totally worth the investment as it contains benefits for many good restaurants and clubs. You should definitely check out their events, trips, services and discounts.
Felix Micke
EADA Business School
If you live in Barcelona or are staying longer than just a couple of days, I strongly recommend you to get their Studentfy card. It offers discounts at different venues and restaurants all over the city on which you wouldn't want to miss out!
Mihaela Dimitrova
TBS Business School

Top Features

Save tons of money

Discounts on the best student places and our products and services

Discover and explore

Travel and discover Spain and Europe with us

Smooth landing

Easy access to all our landing services and guides and blogs

All in one place

Access to all our services and offerings all in one place

Create your own events

Don't miss out on anything your classmates are doing

Exclusive access to clubs

Free access to the best clubs with skip the line benefits

Access your Studentfy card, purchase trips and events, and get information from school’s student community all direcctly from your phone. Download the Studentfy mobile and tablet application and enjoy the benefits right away. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the card?

You need to download the Studentfy mobile app to become a Premium member. It is no longer possible to purchase the card on the website.

What's the biggest benefit of having the card?

Saving time and money especially if you are a student. You will also get other benefits like convenience or special access.

Where can I download the mobile application?

You can download the Studentfy mobile application on Google App Store or Apple App Store.

How much is the card?

The price of the card depends on its validity. 11.90€ for 3 months, 14.90€ for 6 months and 19.90€ for 1 year.

Where can I see all the discounts?​

You can use the card at our partners’ location/platform. To see all the discounts and benefits of the card, check out our Discounts page.

How can I use the card?​

Every discount is different. Some are online (for example, using a coupon code) and some are at physical venues (for example, at a restaurant). Look for the “How to get the discount” section of every discount.

Do I need to renew my card after it's expired?

Yes. The card is valid for 3, 6 or 12 months from the date you purchase the card. Your digital and physical card are valid for 3, 6 or 12 months depending on the card.

Can the partners refuse giving the discount?

It’s very rare and unlikely, but possible. They may refuse giving you a discount if they have a special event or promotion.

I have some questions about the discounts. How can I contact you?

You can contact us by email ( or by Whatsapp (+34611458721) or on Instagram (@studentfybcn)

Studentfy is the largest student association in Barcelona. We offer the best deals, products and services to the international student community in Barcelona.

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