7 Waterfalls & Banyoles Lake

Discover the beautiful scenery at the Banyoles Lake and the 7 Waterfalls in the Pyrenees.

From 32€

private bus | maps | tour guide

About 7 Waterfalls & Banyoles Lake

Lake of Banyoles (Estany de Banyoles) is a natural lake in the town of of Banyoles (hence, the name) in the Province of Girona. It is currently the biggest  lake in Catalonia.

7 Waterfalls (7 Gorgs) are seven waterfalls that are located near the village Campdevànol in the Province of Girona. Here you can swim and hike.

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private bus

A private bus to take you to and from 7 Waterfalls and Lake Banyoles. All our buses have AC with comfy seats

Tour Guide

A tour guide will accompany you during the entire trip and will give you maps and info on the bus


The price includes entrance to the protected waterfalls areas where there are 7 waterfalls

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