Aitona & Lleida

Don’t miss the only chance to see this year’s cherry and peach blossoms all in pink.

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private bus | maps | tour guide

About Aitona & Lleida

As the winter comes to an end, the peach and cherry trees begin their flowering stage. This is the only chance you get to see the pink flower blossoms this year. 

In this trip, we hike through a small path to get to the beach and relax in the sun.  We are going to go to the fields, walk between the trees and take lots of pictures. We will also visit the city of Lleida, one of the oldest towns in Catalonia.

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private bus

A private bus to take you to and from Lleida and Aitona. All our buses have AC with comfy seats.


A tour guide will accompany you during the entire trip and will give information on the bus.

tour guide

The tour guide will give you maps and other visual aids to help you navigate and find the bus.

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